Pay per click

Pay per click

Pay per click advertising is a part of paid search marketing. Under the PPC form of advertising, advertisers are required to bid for advertisement spots on search engines, which charge them for every click on the advertisement. In plain vanilla terms, the highest bidder for a particular keyword gets the highest spot.

All major search engines now have a paid search marketing program. Google has Adwords, Yahoo has Overture (now Yahoo Search Marketing) and MSN has Adcenter. PPC ads appear at the top and to the right of your search engine result pages.


Who needs Pay per click?

Unlike SEO, search engines charge for every visitor that they send through their pay per click programs. Hence, this form of advertising works out more expensive than organic search engine optimization. However, through programs like Google Adsense, a lot of websites now display relevant PPC ads. This means that PPC advertising can result in a lot of targeted traffic and potential customers.

Furthermore, organic SEO takes time to take effect. In sharp contrast, PPC campaigns can be setup within days if not hours.

PPC Campaign Management with Sariah Marketing

The pay per click managers at Marketing through our unique PPC campaign methodology and campaign tracking management system strive to increase your sales while reducing your cost per click, thus leading to maximized ROI. We can set up and handle your pay per click campaign using Google AdWords, Yahoo Sitematch (previously Overture) and other smaller PPC engines. We design your pay per click campaign so as to achieve maximum click through rates (CTR), observe conversion rates over time and edit campaigns resulting in maximization of ROI.

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The pricing varies depending on the number of keywords and which search engines you pick. There is an initial setup fee and a monthly fee that starts 30 days from your sign-up date. Additional monthly deposits will be required for each engine to cover your CPC charges. You can set your own budget, but generally we recommend spending a minimum of $500.00 a month. CPC minimum rates vary from engine to engine. Yahoo Search Marketing starts at 10 cents per click, Google starts at 5 cents per click (higher for most keywords), LookSmart starts at 15 cents per click and so on. You will have to specify the maximum monthly expenditure for each keyword.

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