Small Business Website

We offer a very basic website design. If all you need is a presence on the internet we can build you a quick 5 page site that will be up and running within 72 hours and submitted to the search engines. Want more? We can also optimize you site with our Local SEO to give you even more visibility.

Since your website is a reflection of your product or service, a good website takes time–from writing to many hours processing images. As a business owner, you should not be distracted from your core business. When we develop websites, we ensure an optimum balance of key factors throughout each page.

We recognize that smaller businesses are seeking one-on-one engagement with their website developer and cost effective website solutions.

Website development nowadays comes in many platforms, static and CMS, but we choose to use WordPress for our startup and small businesses because of its maturity, wide range of possible usages and broad hosting capabilities. WordPress allows us to create and design a tailored website for each customer while optimizing the performance for search engines. From e-commerce to a membership website, the WordPress platform gives us the flexibility to develop a website for a small business at a fraction of the cost as opposed to developing a website from scratch.

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