How to Integrate Your Online and Offline Marketing

Digital Marketing has emerged as the referred marketing option for many organizations.  As opposed to traditional marketing, which is typically more expensive, it is far easier to track online marketing efforts.

However, offline marketing is still as active as ever at building and sustaining the public’s general awareness of the brand. The marketing campaigns that are the most effective at increasing both awareness and sales is the combination of online and offline marketing outlets.  


There is nothing quite like personal interaction to build trust and engagement among prospects.  Networking events can work to drive traffic to your website by giving prospective customers or clients the information needed to secure your products or services.  

A warm smile, handshake, business card exchange, and show of genuine interest in each individual during your interactions lay the perfect groundwork for creating a lasting business relationship. Create special offers for visitors from these events. Focus strictly on organizations are associations that are homes to your target demographic.

Trade Shows and Conferences

No matter the business you engage in, there are likely trade shows and national conferences held annually.  These events offer unique opportunities to target large groups of individuals that are interested in your product or service.

You can disseminate your business cards, brochures, flyers, or price sheets at these events. Limited-time online offers for attendees will help create the sense of urgency needed to expedite the sales process.  

Public Speaking

Taking advantage of opportunities to speak before groups of people that represent your ideal demographic is a beautiful way to get traffic to your website and social media accounts. The speaking circuit can be a bit tricky to break into at first, but you increase your chances when you wish to speak for free.

You must provide an informative message that is more than a mere sales pitch. As an expert in your field, give the audience useful information they may not be aware of.  As people get familiar with your expertise and message, it will become easier to book speaking engagements.

Consultations and Demonstrations

The magic of in-person meetings and demonstrations helps create trust and rapport between seller and buyer. By offering these courtesies online, you can make a valid connection between online and offline efforts.  

Prospects are easier to convert after they have had a chance to experience the product or experience the expertise of the firm first-hand. Once a candidate has visited your website, read articles, downloaded guides and reports, and consumed informative content, the conversion rate increases considerably.

Follow-Up Calls

The advent of the internet has reduced warm and cold calling efforts. However, calls still add a personal touch that emails just cannot compete with.  Follow-up and sales calls involve calling prospects or past customers in your database with exceptional limited-time offers. These calls will direct prospects to your online specials.


Bridging the gaps between the modern and traditional forms of marketing is a fine art. You must first understand your demographic and the places and medium to best target them.With digital outlets like Android and iOS development, social media, email marketing, and your website, in conjunction with, offline efforts like dissemination of marketing materials and appearing at various live events, you’re able to effectively connect your offline marketing efforts with your online marketing campaigns.  

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